About Internet Law Experts Solicitors

About Internet Law Experts Solicitors

Internet Law Experts Ltd is a specialist niche firm which is focused on providing practical advice, creative solutions and reliable support in the areas of internet defamation and corporate and personal reputation management.

Defensive Manipulation™ is our unique method of pushing bad results deep down the search engines. We always consider a variety of creative solutions to online reputation problems, solutions which go far beyond the advice our clients are able to receive elsewhere.

We are well equipped to consider the relevant national and international law, the appropriate technical issues as well as the long term commercial aspects of any of the solutions we suggest. We do not restrict our advice to the available legal solutions because we are also very technical and have within our team over 16 years of successful business experience.

We have been guiding our clients through a variety of web page removal methods, such as Defensive Manipulation™ Search Engine Optimisation, PR and internet branding.

By doing this, we help our clients build a solid strong reputational defence shield to protect them from online reputation attacks and particularly from any surprised attacks on their reputation. We also maintain a reliable internet reputation monitoring service on their behalf to ensure matters are at hand at all times.

Because internet reputation management is all we do, our focus is sharply placed on finding new and creative ways to improve our client's situation and we work relentlessly to learn, develop and deliver to them the best possible available solutions.

We know how to cost-effectively remove bad internet pages which are critically damaging to our clients from public sight and because we have been doing this job for so long, we know how to strategically and efficiently accomplish our client's goals.

But perhaps more importantly of all, we know what not to do. We know what common mistakes to avoid and what traps our clients should avoid falling into and this is crucially important because it is our client’s reputation which we have been trusted with and we take our responsibility towards our clients very seriously.

internet defamation expert Yair Cohen
Yair Cohen
Yair Cohen is one of the most experienced lawyers in England to solve difficult internet defamation problems . Between 2011-2012 Yair, through his then law firm Bains Cohen (now called Pinder Reaux), Yair created a series of legal precedents by successfully applying to the London High Court to obtain various disclosure orders and injunctions against YouTube, Google Inc and Firebox.

In 2012 Yair took on the matter Nicola Brooks against Facebook to secure the first UK court order against Facebook, an order which was granted to Miss Brooks shortly after his leaving his previous firm.

Despite his success in finding fruitful legal solutions to so many internet defamation matters, Yair’s real passion is in the researching and the understanding of internet search engines behaviour and in the development of affordable long term solutions to internet defamation issues.

Yair’s work had been featured in the Times, Bloomberg News, Forbes Scotsman and in numerous BBC television and radio programmes but most of his successful work in the areas of internet reputation management and in reputation recovery is being done discretely on behalf of celebrity, Crown employees and many national companies and entrepreneurs.

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