Using your own company's domain name to defame you...

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We all know that effective use of the internet brings success to many business owners.

But we sometimes forget that failure to use the internet for reputation management can lead to business failure and financial disasters.

Using your own company's domain name to defame you
It’s true. An individual’s and a company’s name are both easily targeted for the purpose of internet defamation if the victims of the defamation have not paid as much attention as they perhaps should have to the management of their reputation on the internet. The result of this is that the defamers then purchase domain names (or URLs) which carry the name of their victims.

That is just the beginning. They may also open social networking accounts in the victim’s name and create blogs and blog posts supposedly written by the victim. They go on to populate the internet search results with defamatory and sometimes offensive material about their victim. Only at this stage does the victim of the defamation on the internet realise that they could have been one step ahead of their defamer.

Even when bad pages have been appearing undisturbed at the top of the search results for seven or eight years, you can still do something, and the sooner, the better. Again, each day that goes by without action helps to cement the high position of the defamatory or unpleasant search results. You need to start making time work for you rather than against you.

Fortunately, there are very few three-to-five-year-old web pages that still occupy the top results of the search engines. But when bad web pages exist, no matter how old they are, something needs to happen before they can be buried far down enough in the search results that no one will ever see them again.

How far down in the search results do you need the bad results to go? To the fourth or the fifth page?

That might not be necessary. Statistics show that the third page of search results receives only 2.4% of the clicks, which means not many people even go there. And over time, a third-page result is likely to be pushed down even further, provided you take the necessary steps to replace it with more positive content.

Most online reputation attacks can be defeated—but only over time. The more you do to push bad results down and the faster you take action, the more quickly these career-wrecking web pages will disappear from public view.

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Author: Yair Cohen