Secure domain name - how to keep your domain name secure

Secure domain mandate - how to keep your domain name secure
Keep your domain name secure
Losing ownership of your domain name can have a catastrophic effect on the reputation of your business.

Often loss of domain names comes as a result of an act of theft by business associates, former employees or former business partners.

Being a victim of domain theft means that you are almost certain to lose access to your websites and to your email addresses, or in other words having your most valuable communication tools being taken away from you to be used by somebody else.

If you suspect that someone has stolen your domain name you should not hesitate and act as quickly as you can because the process of getting it back could be somewhat lengthy.

Ex-employees are the people most likely to steal their previous employer’s domain name. Often it is your most trusted employee or even business partner or co-director that will walk off with the company's domain name and claim it as theirs.

Chances are that the person who steals your domain name is the individual who was entrusted by your organisation to look after the IT and internet side of the business and who has had access to the domain name control panel.

To steal your domain name, all they need to do is change the password on the account or amend the contact email address.

Often, if the thief was a member of your organisation they will set up a similar business to yours, assuming your organisation’s identity. In other cases, web designers or IT contractors will steal your domain name in order to 'settle' a claim for money they feel they have against your organisation.

The problem is that you will almost always need to give trusted people access to the company’s domain name control panel. These might be your own employees, business partners, suppliers or providers of technical services such as IT support agents and web designers. Any one of them will be holding the key to your company’s most precious property, its domain name, giving you unnecessary worries and concerns.

In an ideal world you will want these people to access the domain name control panel but without the ability to action changes to the ownership of the domain name or to its essential services.

This could be achieved with services such as Secure Domain Mandate that restrict the ability of a single person  to make crucial changes to the domain name ownership. Under such system, a trusted firm of solicitors, will hold the master key to your domain name control panel and secure it from unauthorised transfer. Your technical people will still have full access to the control panel but not to the part which controls ownership of the domain name.

This way, you will never need to be worried or concerned about the possibility of losing your domain name. Discover the benefits of using our unique secure domain mandate.