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Why is it that only lawyers can get in touch with Facbeook?

Have you recently tried to engage with Facebook, ask a question, speak to anyone in the company, leave a message or communicate in any way? If you have, then I share your pain. Facebook is faceless and this is now official. The company that says it champions personal interaction has given each of its users a unique personal identification number. Facebook has also removed telephone and email contact information for its team from the internet so that you don't bother its employees with all sorts of nonsense, including complaints about your personal safety, breach of your privacy or defamation of your character.
Don't worry though. If they need to get in touch with you because you have allegedly breached Facebook's advertising rules, they will do so. After all Facebook has got your email address and mobile telephone number handy.

As we we all post millions of  images, videos and other personal data onto Facebook each day, most of us give  little thought to what would happen if one day we, our children, family or friends will want to have all or some of this data permanently removed from the internet. Who would they contact? Who will they be able to speak to? Would they ever be able to grab the attention of Facebook's employees? And what if Facebook do nothing about their request, would they be able to complain to anyone?
For now at least, it seems the only way you can get noticed by Facebook is through internet and social media lawyers, who happened to have good contact details for the organisation. And we are here to help. I much rather though Facebook had given out an email address or had provided a live chat facility so that the poor and vulnerable in our society are able to communicate with the company too....