Why your child is not safe on YouTube

Is Google responsible for YouTube users leaving abusing comments on children’s videos?

Google would like us all to believe that the use of YouTube by paedophiles is an unfortunate event which it has no control over and which it did not cause. The truth, however, very different.
For a start, not only that Google has known about this practice for some time, I would go as far as to suggest that by the way Google has conducted itself, it has willingly placed kids at substantial risks.
To fully understand Google's culpability, we need to understand Google's age restrictions policies in relation to YouTube and in relation to Google's mobile phone operating system Android, which accounts to about 80% of the of the new mobile phone sales and which is where most YouTube videos are being watched. So, starting with YouTube age restriction policy, and this is this is very important, Google’s officially says that Read more about child safety online

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