Can social media companies cancel history?

Yair Cohen, social media lawyer, in an interview with RT News, explains how social media censorship works and why it is so dangerous to allow social media companies to continue regulate free speech.


What is the future of social media


Control over the most important communication tools for #startups is now at the hands of 5 internet giants. 

Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter may try to kick any serious competition out of business by collusion. Apple and Google may block access to their App Stores and Amazon may remove you from their servers. 

They would then send out clear signals to anyone who still does business with you that if they try to help your suffocating start-up survive, they would face a similar faith. There is no need for anyone to book a holiday this year to Italy. 

Sicily is here. Online, on your mobile phone, on you tablet. 5 internet giants acting like the gangsters where the only politics that matters is the politics of the mafia. Everything else is nothing but a heavy smoke screen. 

I remember the idealism of the early users of the internet. I remember Twitter mission statement which was or might still is “to give EVERYONE the power to create and share ideas and information instantly WITHOUT BARRIERS”. Forget nostalgia though. This is LinkedIn here. The social media platform for the forward thinkers. We need now to reflect on recent events and begin planning ahead. Everyone must do this. This exceptionally powerful and funny TV panel yesterday was looking at what is coming. Watch it!


Why women are more likely to be victims of tech abuse

Tech abuse of women in the UK  

Lawyers regularly have to deal with cases where the harassed victim can evident that mobile telephones and tracking apps had been used to follow them, identify their safe location and use this information to intimidate them. The Refuse report had also found evidence of similar cases. It also found evidence of spouse’s calendars being unlawfully accessed and of victims being followed to appointments and meetings with solicitors and with other professional people. Read more Tech Abuse


New Digital Markets Act. Is Facebook About to Pull Out of the EU. Solicitor Yair Cohen explains

Today the EU has announced the biggest revolution of the world of technology since 2000 with massive potential penalties for tech giants who refuse to co-operate with the new rules. 

With potential fines of 10% of annual turnover and then another daily 5% of global turnover, tech companies have found themselves in a head-to-head battle with the EU over monopolies, market access and big money. 
 What is the Digital Services Act For the first time since 2000, the EU has declared an overall of the tech market access read more The Digital Services Ac