YouTube deletes RT News channels depriving 500,000,000 viewers of news choice

YouTube has permanently deleted two news channels, which appear to have reported news in a manner disagreeable to YouTube. 

Both news channels, which between them share more than half a billion viewers are sister stations of Russian RT News.

Solicitor Yair Cohen explains the implications of this action by YouTube in a live interview to RT UK as the news of the deletion of the news channels broke out.


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Content removal by social media companies. Is content removal influenced...

Content removal by social media companies

Solicitor Yair Cohen explains how content removal discrimination impacts valuable internet users

Russian data protection watchdog, Roskomnadzor, has claimed that despite repeated requests to delete harmful content, social media platforms, and particularly Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google are repeatedly refusing to comply. 

In the case of Twitter, for example, since 2015, more than 6,000 prohibited materials have not been removed by the site. 

After the implementation of measures to slow down the traffic of the social network, 490 materials remain unsalted. The average time to comply with the requirements for the removal of prohibited materials has been reduced from 129 to 8 days. 

 Eleven cases of censorship of Russian media and information resources have been identified, including Russia Today, Sputnik, RIA Novosti, as well as a number of accounts of Russian users and projects ("Leaders of Russia," Sputnik V vaccine account). Personal data processing (DD) is not localized. Ten protocols on administrative offences have been drawn up. To date, the courts have considered all protocols, the total amount of fines for not removing prohibited information is 27.9 million rubles. For non-compliance with the requirements of Russian data localization legislation - 4 million rubles.