About The Work Of Yair Cohen

Yair Cohen Solicitor
Five years ago, I decided to put together the first "Internet law” department in the UK in my old law firm, Bains Cohen (now called Pinder Reaux). At the time, other lawyers that I met were struggling to understand what type of work we were actually doing.
This was because there wasn't  an official area of law which was called "Internet law". Today everyone understands what I do. Simply put, I get rid of bad or negative internet webpages.

As part of my work as an internet lawyer I regularly travel across the globe (virtually of course), from Russia to the United States from Uzbekistan to Mexico from Turkey to Canada and so on, in my quest for solutions to my clients’ reputational issues. There are servers and website hosts located all over the world, so along the way I have developed excellent working relationships with many other internet and defamation lawyers all over the world.

Together we fight the "Complaints Barons’, those who host defamatory complaints review websites, some of whom are so scrupulous that they use outright blackmail against business owners across the globe. The 'Barons' will remove defamatory comments and defamatory reviews about you from their website but only if you pay them to do so, and sometimes they ask for a very large sum of money (depending on how desperate their victim appears to them). They will  give you 'protection' against defamation on their website in return for protection money.
Internet defamation is used by some as a means of extorting money. Money transfers are normally done through PayPal payments, to make it difficult to trace. So occasionally we have to bring PayPal on board to suspend users who abuse their banking services.

Over the years,  internet defamation has become more common and dealing with it getting more urgent all the time, mainly because of the speed by which internet search engines are now delivering search results.

Internet lawyers are now becoming 'troubleshooters' and they carry less and less resemblance to  conventional lawyers.

You see, the law cannot solve all the problems in the world and internet defamation has gone far beyond being a simple legal issue. Defamation on the internet often results in an unexplained decline in business activities and it can ruin fragile companies very rapidly.

Solving internet defamation matters is now a specialist niche within the legal profession requiring lawyers to have sufficient legal, technical and commercial knowledge to enable them to understand some of the very basic issues that concern online defamation and business reputation management.

This is why my law firm, Internet Law Experts Solicitors, has its focus entirely on internet law and on online defamation issues. 

Each week we help dozens of business owners get rid of internet defamation and of the problems that defamation on the internet is causing them.

They can take advantage of same day consultations with a knowledgeable lawyer and of our unique experience in this area of law.

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