Don't click on the link that contains defamation about you

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Defamation on the internet - clicking on a defamatory link

Once you discover that your business is being defamed over the internet you might feel an unexplained urge  to continuously click on the link that contains the defamatory post.  Unfortunately, some victims of online defamation make the 'clicking' part of their daily routine as they check to see if the defamation is still there on the internet.

This habit of clicking on defamatory links can be very pricey.
A similar bad habit involves telling others about their defamation problems. Friends, family work colleagues and so on.
This almost compulsive action however must be controlled and preferably suspended altogether.

Unfortunately, with defamatory posts online, the more you click, the more powerful they become. Google gives priority to popularity. Learn more about why you must not click on defamatory links at the Internet Law Centre.