How to Delete Celebrity Images from the Internet.

How to Delete Celebrity Images and Videos From the Internet

Who owns my image?

How to Completely Delete Yourself From the Internet
How to Completely Delete Yourself From the Internet
Recently I gave an interview to HighSnobiety.com setting out in some detail my law firm's strategies to completely remove images, videos and other material from the internet. Complete removal from the internet is a unique service that my law firm has been offering for retired celebs who have now decided to settle down, start a family and put their public past behind them.

Complete removal of images and videos from the internet is a service which my law firm is uniquely placed to provide. We use both legal strategies and personal connections with websites operators and with many internet law attorneys who I have known for years and who can help speeding up the process or removal of erotic images from websites they act for in the USA.

Our removal service of course is discreet and highly confidential. In some cases it takes for up to a year to clean up the internet from unwanted images and videos but the end result is almost always far better and highly cleaner than what we set our celebrity clients to hope for.

London-based social media lawyer Yair Cohen
“In some cases we’ve had to remove tens of thousands of images and videos for just one client alone,” he explains. “You can do it, but you have to work hard and delicately. Remove them one by one. Each case has unique circumstances. Some images can be removed on copyright grounds, some can be removed on privacy grounds, some could be removed on harassment. Some projects take eight months to a year. We have to be very stubborn.”

How to Completely Delete Yourself From the Internet

 How to Completely Delete Yourself From the Internet
Last week, Radiohead — one of the biggest bands on the planet — “disappeared” from the internet.
Only, they didn’t really… Their albums were still available for purchase, their Discogs profile was still live, their rare press interviews were still searchable via Google, their videos remained on YouTube.... Read more

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